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Post  AmyLeeFan on Mon Oct 29, 2012 11:47 am

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February 19, 2012 was probably the best day of my existence. Mainly because of the reason that it was the exact day when I saw the Goddess of Imaginary Light in person. Amy Lee. I saw her in person during Evanescence's first concert here in Manila together with the band, Bush. We waited for hours until the gates of Smart Araneta Coliseum finally opened at 6:00 pm. At that moment, I can't believe that I'm actually going to see my idol, my role model and inspiration in person. During that day, I met the awesome Admins of Evanescence Philippines and made friends with them in which, I regret nothing because they're the best people ever! Smile

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And so, after Bush's 1 hour performance, the lights went out but since we're in the front row (near the barricade), we can still see the crew walking in and out of the stage. We even saw Beth Wilson there. At first, I asked my fellow Ev fans "Is that Beth?" and then they looked at her and then they said "Yes" and that's the time when we called out her name "BETH! BETH! BETH!". We didn't stop until she turned her head to our direction and she waved at us. I was screaming like crazy at that time. Then, the intro sound boomed out of the speakers and some spotlights came back to life and then, I saw Will, Terry, Tim, Troy and Amy getting on the stage. After a short while, "What You Want" drum intro started and the crowd was brought back to life.

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We rocked out the whole night even if Amy was having a hard time to sing since she has a flu that she got while she's in Taiwan. But still, I have to admire her because she still showed up for us even in her condition and I'm so grateful for that. Even though I wasn't able to attend the meet and greet session in SM Megamall, I'm still happy that I'm part of their first ever concert here and that, I'm counted in those thousands of people inside the Coliseum. Though the concert didn't last that long probably because of Amy's condition, I can still say that it was truly a night to remember.

"The worst is over now and we can breathe again."
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