The Biography of Evanescence Philippines

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The Biography of Evanescence Philippines

Post  SnowWhiteQueen on Thu Aug 22, 2013 4:01 pm

Evanescence Philippines - is The Official Fan Club of Evanescence in the Philippines. The Club began as a Facebook Fan Page in 2010 powered by 9 Filipino Admins searching hope for the fans in the Philippines. Eventually the independent group made their way with all of their effort and was started to recognized by PolyEast Records (EMI) in October 2011 when Evanescence release their 3rd album on a self titled after a 5 year hiatus and Evanescence Philippines became officially a Fan Club in Feb 6, 2012 when their promoter invited the team to attend a conference meeting project collaboration regarding the events for the coming of Evanescence in Manila in Feb 19, 2012. And later became a success for the club, the promoters and all of the Filipino fans who dearly waited almost a decade for the band. In May 2013 Evanescence Philippines announced that they had merged to EVTEAM for future fan projects for the band. EvPhil may also be called as EVTEAMPhilippines

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