Two confessions in one

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Two confessions in one Empty Two confessions in one

Post  blacklipstick95 on Wed Nov 07, 2012 7:40 am

So, I have two things to confess...

The first one is when I began to love the band.
So... let's see...
I think I first heard the song Bring Me to Life when I was on grade four... So that would be me when I was eight. I instantly fell in love with the song, but later forgot all about it. Rolling Eyes
Then, I heard My Immortal, loved it, then forgot it. tongue
And when I entered high school, my cousin bought a Magic Sing. So, a frustrated singer that I am, I asked him to let me use it. Then, I heard him sang BMTL and I re-entered the song to sing it. And from then on, I became a die-hard fan of evanescence.
Then... I forgot them again. Evil or Very Mad
But when I entered college last year, I heard about their new album and about their concert, and it sent me into a frenzy... Very Happy
So... yeah. I just wanted to share that. flower

And my next confession would be this... don't worry, it's not about my history anymore. Very Happy
Ever since last year, I always dreamed about wearing the clothes similar to those Amy wear but my mother won't allow me. Yeah...depressing.. I know... silent

That's it. Haha! Just wanted to share those. lol!


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