Death (just to make the title longer XD)

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Death (just to make the title longer XD)

Post  blacklipstick95 on Wed Nov 07, 2012 2:13 pm

As I lay on the soft, dry, grass
My gaze linger on the sky above
Dreaming of things that will never be
Wiching for second chances that will never come.

And when I stood, flowers sprout,
From where I laid my weary self.
How ironic could this life be?
That while I'm dying, life came out of me.

Unable to bear this pain in me,
I took my last breath and smiled ahead.
With the last strength I have, I looked at the clouds,
And waited for you to take me Home.


So... yeah.. I wrote this during one of those nights... lol!
Hope you liked it.


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